Top Picks for Best TVs Under A Thousand of Dollars


Still want to buy a new TV but still on a budget? You might want to consider our top picks

In buying a new TV, the first thing in your mind is the price. While you’re on a budget, you may get your dream, flat screen, smart TV. With high-quality graphics, voice control, and have built-in apps, you may have it all in just under $1,000. Here’s our list of top picks.

1. TCL S405 series Roku TV (2017)

You may get the TCL S405 at $329.99. The TCL S405 series are one of the least expensive 4K TV’s on the market. This one is an excellent choice. The user interface is very simple to use, even your grandma can use it alone! The TCL S405 series deliver tons of apps that often update. Netflix, Amazon Video, and Sling TV are just a remote shortcut button away.

2. Vizio E series (2017)

The best thing about the Vizio E series? The image quality is best on screens that are 60 inches and higher because they feature local dimming. This 65-inch smart TV is currently on sale at Walmart for only $748. One thing, if you’re a big streamer, take note that you may not access some apps without using your phone.

3. TCL P series Roku TV (2017)

The TCL P series has an excellent image quality, with deep black levels, rich contrast and accurate color. Thanks to its full-array local dimming. You may get this for only $650 and you may now have your very own 55-inch smart TV. It has a great streaming app support and a simple interface.

4. Sony XBR-X900E series

The Sony XBR-X900E series also has an excellent image quality and accurate color. It has an Android operating system and built in with tons of apps. You may get the 49-inch unit for only $898 on Amazon and the 55-inch model at $998.

5. Vizio M-series

Vizio M-series is a total package with great overall picture quality. For only $545.49 you may get the 50-inch, $700 for the 55-inch and $1,000 for the 65-inch.

6. Vizio D series (2017)

The 55-inch and 65-inch Vizio D series models give you a very good picture quality. Thanks to its local dimming. You may get it for only $550 for the 55-inch and $850 for the 65-inch.

These smart TVs will give you so much that you may not even remember you bought it for a very low price. So? What are you waiting for? Go get your wallets and cards and enjoy shopping!