Instinct Backpack: Smart Modular Backpack Debuts on Kickstarter


If you’re always on the go and need to smoothly transition from work, play, and home without missing a beat, then the Instinct Backpack, a smart modular backpack with its own app is the perfect accessory for you. Compartmentalization increases efficiency and makes it easy for busy people to organize work and travel essentials.

Instinct Backpack, now a project on Kickstarter, was created by two veteran travelers who have been to 18 countries, within a span of 3 years – yet never found a backpack that met their needs! It is the product of a year-long research that got them reviewing fabrics, gears, construction, and other details. Leveraging on “Velcro” technology, they came up with individual modular units or “incubes” that can be customized and moved around.

Hate clutter? You have finally met your stylish, utilitarian match. Made of 900D Nylon fabric, it has a capacity of 35 liters, a height of 50 cm and a base that is 22cm. x 32 cm. Surprisingly, safety is ingrained in its elegant design. Reflective safety strips along the sides, front, bottom, and around the logo keep travelers safe while biking, walking, or commuting. The app is also essential in making sure you’ve got it all!

Why is it “instinctive”? The backpack is thoughtfully designed with your most often used items really close at hand. No more groping inside the bag to fish out cards, coins, and keys because of the four instant access pockets located at the backstraps. There is even a secure back pocket to securely hold more items. Tired of using it as a backpack? You can switch to hand luggage mode easily and even attach it securely to your luggage using Velcro. If you’ve ever struggled with coins, train cards etc. and found yourself lugging too many bags, you can easily appreciate this compact and complete all-in-one carryall.






Unlike traditional backpacks that were only accessed from the top or worse closed by a drawstring that is a further encumbrance for those without deft fingers, you can reach for the contents through theft-free side openings in the Instinct Backpack. And for added protection, the top-most portion is “hard-shell” to keep your glasses, sunglasses, and other valuables safe from crushing or dents.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a compartment that can fit a maxi-sized 17.5″ laptop with an additional pocket for the ubiquitous 10.5″ iPad (or other tablets). Inside the spacious compartments are 6 Instinct Packing Cubes or modules (think Windows) for:

  • RFID-blocking passport case
  • Electronics and cables
  • Camera and lens
  • Toiletries
  • Wet and Dry Clothes
  • Shirts and Ties

It does reek of being macho (true to the nature of its creators) but females can, of course, opt for stiletto and female apparel compartment instead of the dodgy shirt and ties module. The camera and lens module can double as a drink and food keeper if you prefer to just use your smartphone for taking pictures.

And for travelers who lose charge on the go, there is a charging port on the side. A Qi standard wireless charging pocket and an anti-theft Bluetooth tracking device are in the works for the next stretch goal. Ultimately, there will be biometrics with fingerprint lock.

Currently, the early bird price is $198 which is 53% off retail price and 18% off Kickstarter price. The Instinct Backpack ships worldwide for a minimal fee. Get yours now at

Attribution: All photos and video from the Instinct Backpack site.