Cupertino-based Apple Inc. has announced that it would be releasing a new AirPods. The announcement has earned mixed reactions from Apple users. Bloomberg reported that the second generation of AirPods would be released soon.

It can be recalled that when Apple publicly announced the company’s wireless in-ear headphones, it drew mixed reactions. Some Apple users raised concerns about AirPods’ sound quality and physical look. Others asked if the AirPod could actually fulfil its promises.


Apple AirPods 2: What are the two new improvements coming?


Now, Apple’s AirPods has sounded amazing and in fact, it fulfilled to its promise. One indicator is that it sells like a hot cake. AirPod sells fast compared to other Apple devices. Although the company tries to ramp up the production, sales of the device were beyond capacity.


While the second generation of AirPod called the AirPods 2 has yet to be released, rumour on the mill suggests that the third-gen version of the device is due for 2019. If Bloomberg report is true, Apple is expected to release AirPods 2 later this year.


The report further hinted that the new model would feature a new wireless chip. But some Apple users have discovered that the headphones would have other extras. These extras include a charge levels for the earbuds and the device’s carry case.



Also, reports indicate that a new chip would improve the headset’s stickability to improve the device’s connection. At present, Apple is now using a W1 chip in its AirPods. While other Apple devices like Apple Watch is using a different wireless chip, the W2 on board.


Another second improvement for the Apple’s headset is a hands-free connection to Siri. Right now, Apple users tap their headsets to activate Siri. Back to the third generation rumor, Apple’s headset will also be water-resistant. But this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt unless Apple confirms all of these.