Bang And Olufsen Will Make Your Old Speakers Into Smart Ones


Bang and Olufsen will help you turn your classic speakers into smart ones

Bang and Olufsen has partnered with HifiBerry to release a DIY open-source product. This product will make your old speakers into new ones. The Beocreate 4 Channel Amplifier is a combination board that’s designed form music playback with passive loudspeakers. It can work alone as a digital amplifier. You may also enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth features but you will need Raspberry Pi.

The Beocreate 4 has a 4-channel amplifier (2x30W and 2x60W). The power is supplied by a single external 12-24V source. It’s capable of driving up to four of 4-8 Ohm speakers with sample rates of up to 192kHz says HifiBerry. There’s no soldering needed because the Raspberry Pi can be plugged into the amplifier. And the speakers can be connected via screw terminals.

The Beocreate 4 comes with software that allows users to activate a Beovox CX50, CX100, or any generic speaker. You may then use it to play music via Airplay, Bluetooth and Spotify. The software is open-source so that means they might add more functions in the future said by HiFiBerry.

The Beocreate 4 is somehow focusing for those who have experience tinkering around with speakers. And it looks like a really involved process where you need to experiment with various components. But it’s still a great news from Bang and Olufsen to bring back life to vintage and idle speakers. HiFiBerry have detailed guides so far on how to up-cycle the CX100 and CX50 speakers. But the guides for Beovox RL2000 and Beovox RL6000 is coming soon.

But if you’re not a machine-tinkering type of person, you may try the Google’s $25 Chromecast Audio device. That’s one of so many devices in the market to turn your speakers into wireless.

The Beocreate 4 is now available for $189.