Google Released Android Go for Low-End Phones


Google Released Android Go for Low-End Phones

As time passes by, technology keeps on getting more advanced than ever. Because of this, low-end devices are no longer capable to handle these upgrades. But fear not because Google thought of a solution for this.

Android Go will be first released by Alcatel. Android Oreo (Go Edition) is going to run in the company’s Alcatel 1X. This new phone from Alcatel is not much to get excited about. It’s a low-end phone despite being newly released.

First time usage of Alcatel 1X was a bit disappointing because it did not run smoothly at all. The screen kept on freezing during use. Despite Google’s optimization, the operating system still did not run as smoothly as expected.

The company released a statement that the issue happened because of using preproduction device during the testing. They also said that the phone will be released in two months time.

Testing of the 1X showed us that the camera could not hold down an image. The app drawer button also shutters unusually every time it is used.

Alcatel 1X Specs

• 1 GB RAM
• 16 GB ROM
• 5.3-inch 960 x 480 display
• Quadcore MediaTek Processor

It doesn’t include a fingerprint scanner but it has the facial recognition feature. The phone will be released on April 2018 with a single-SIM variant and dual-SIM variant as well.