Google Conducted A Test To Help 911


Google run a trial to test their technology to help 911 callers

The company Google, conducted a test to accurately locate 911 callers using their technology. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the test included tens of thousands of 911 calls. And that’s only in a span of two months in several states.

The test was done in conjunction with two companies that have connections into 911 centers, West Corp. and RapidSOS. The 911 current system locates caller using wireless carriers but it’s not actually that accurate. Using Google technology, about 80 percent of the 911 calls had more accurate location data. And that’s only within the first 30 seconds according to RapidSOS. Google’s data also shrunk the estimated radius of a call’s location. Imagine, from 522 feet down to 121 feet. And it arrived much faster than carrier data.

As per The Wall Street Journal notes, saving a minute in response times can save up to 10,000 lives a year. With the help of the improved location data, operators may locate callers much faster. Especially those instances where callers who are in a panic of state or can’t speak English, gave a wrong address. “We can validate what the caller is saying,” says Bob Finney III, director of communications for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in South Florida. “We’ve never been able to do that because it’s never been good enough.”

With the help of this technology, we are very sure that a lot of operators will be able to send help. And callers will receive the first aid and rescue from the police a lot faster when emergency occurs. Especially in today’s era where there are so many crimes committed by people you wouldn’t even imagine.

Google’s location technology is now available in 14 countries. The company also said that they have high hopes in bringing this in the entire United States this year.