Search giant Google will now remove web ads that annoy users when browsing the internet. Google will install new filter in its Chrome browser. The filter will eradicate the lucrative ads.

Google starts cracking down lucrative ads


And here’s the catch: Google’s Chrome browser would also include blocking the company’s own ads on offending sites. But the irony is that the search engine giant is convincing people to turn-off Google’s ad-blocking software.


Ad publishers criticized Google’s ad-blocking software. They said Google deprived them of revenue derived from the ads displayed on web pages.


Responding to this, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Google vice president, in a blog post, said that the move would make the web healthy if they would filter out disruptive ad experiences.


But Roy-Chowdhury’s statement is not enough to convince the publishers. Still, Google’s methods are being attacked. Emarketer said that the company, including Facebook, has dominated the online-advertising market.


In fact, Chrome is one of the popular browsers as it represents roughly 60 percent market share. Now, the company is focusing on 12 ad formats. But this was slammed by the Coalition for Better Ads.


The group Coalition for Better Ads, which includes Google, Facebook, News Corp. and the News Media Alliance, criticized the blackballed formats. The blackballed ad formats are pop-ups and large ads that hover above the page.

According to Paul Boyle, senior vice president of public policy for the newspaper alliance, said the standards should be voluntary, saying that Google is transforming the standards into a de facto law.