Bringing Old Consoles Back to Life on a New TV


Here’s how you could be bringing your old console games back to life.

Bringing old console games back to life might be possible on a new TV. The most-loved gaming consoles like Super Nintendo, Playstation or the Sega Mega Drive, once have been in the limelight. But anyone who tries to connect these old hardware to the modern TVs might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

That’s because their graphical splendor doesn’t shine on high-resolution full-HD and 4K displays. But gamers who are dying to replay the classics on their old consoles have two options. Buy an old analogue TV set that’s technically equipped for these consoles. Or purchase another device called a scaler that can process consoles’ image signals for modern TVs.

Andreas Lange, an expert in new and vintage video games said that scalers are “not without problems.” Instead, he recommends casual gamers turn to so-called “retro consoles” that reissue modernized editions of old games for new hardware.

As an example, the NES Classic Mini from 1980, is compatible with modern televisions. It only requires an HDMI cable to connect it to a TV. But there are limitations. Only 30 games like Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda are installed. And it’s not possible to retrofit other titles. Though it’s currently sold out and is traded at high prices on the web, Nintendo will replenish supplies this year.

Gamers who are bit more tech savvy can build their own versions of the classic consoles.

With the help of these free console emulator kit, the Raspberry Pi mini-computer and RetroPie. You may purchase the Raspberry Pi Zero W Essentials Kits for roughly $30. It comes with an active USB hub, and SD card with 4GB memory and Bluetooth or USB controller. These emulators are a final path to gaming joy. But these are a legal grey zone, said Henry Krasemann, an attorney and expert in data protection and internet law. Nintendo, for example, has explicitly banned the creation of ROM discs in its terms and conditions.

In this modern age, some of us still miss the retro, old stuff and wanted the next generation to experience it as well. And this news brought so much joy to our gamers’ hearts.