Spotify may no longer the popular music streaming service today, at least in the United States. This comes after a report has surfaced today that Apple Music’s popularity is growing.


Apple Music has 36 million subscribers in the US


The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Music had surpassed Spotify’s number of paying subscribers across the world. The Cupertino-based tech company confirmed that now it has 36 million subscribers as of this month of February.


The number of paying subscribers has increased to 6 million from well over 30 million subscribers reported back in September. Tech users claimed that Apple Music might soon overtake Spotify regarding the number of subscribers. They added that the updated total of Apple’s music streaming service is growing at a faster pace across the U.S.


Citing sources familiar with the company’s total number of Premium subscribers said that the company’s music streaming service’s subscriber-account base is growing at a faster rate of about 5 percent monthly.


Spotify’s subscriber-account base in the US has been growing about 2 percent monthly, according to the same sources. If Apple’s music streaming service growth rate would continue, the tech company would certainly threaten Spotify’s existence regarding subscriber-account.


But in a global context, Apple’s music streaming service rival Spotify has maintained a good lead. Just last month, Spotify claims that it now has 70 million subscriber-account. The streaming music service has offered a free ad-supported tier, giving it over 140 million listeners overall around the world. Spotify has gained popularity in the US back in 2011.


Apple’s music streaming service, on the other hand, has been preinstalled on hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads. The service is also available on Mac, PC, Android, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod, among others.