In the coming days, Samsung is slated to release its latest flagship, the Galaxy S9. We already heard about the good and bad news of the phone. And details of the Galaxy S9 are becoming clearer especially the phone’s pricing details.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Price


A reliable source of information asked if the Galaxy S9’s price is high. This question was raised by popular leaker Evan Blass. Samsung said the price of the Galaxy S9 is between $1, 044 and $1, 220 respectively.


Reports claim that the phone’s price was the tie-in with the leaked price in the United Kingdom. The phone’s price was leaked in the UK last week. Aside from the price, Samsung users are looking forward to the Galaxy S9. The company’s new flagship features a superior dual camera, veering away to Samsung’s tradition.


Should in case you feel that it’s quite expensive, Samsung users can opt to go for an inferior model. This would be possible if you don’t want to spend too much on a smartphone. Samsung would eventually increase the device’s prices, but the costs would be relatively the same.


Meanwhile, in Europe, the company had sold both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus for only €799 and €899 when they launched in Europe. Samsung explains that the device’s prices in Europe include sales tax. Also, smartphones are really expensive in Europe.


The company also informed that Samsung users in the US might experience price increases. And it is possible; others claim that before the imposition of the sales tax, Galaxy S8 is priced at $799 while the Galaxy S8 Plus is expected to be sold between $899-$949.