Software giant Microsoft has released a new app for its gaming console Xbox. The app which is called as the Party Chat is an Xbox app. Microsoft released the Party Chat app after several months of testing, a report said on Thursday.

With Xbox’s Party Chat app, players could now send messages through text and voice if they are inside a party.

So how does Party Chat app works?

According to Microsoft, the new Xbox app works on both Android and iOS mobile operating system platforms. And just like any app on the gaming console running on Microsoft Windows 10, it works with parties.

This means that a party chat could be initiated if players would navigate the “Parties” section which could be found at the top of the screen. The only thing that players should do is to select the “Start a Party.”

After doing so, Xbox players could send information via voice or text chat after they have successfully joined a party. The software giant also said that the app’s feature offers players other functionality. This includes, among others, the feature to change audio device and mute other players.

Meanwhile, gamers described the Xbox app’s feature as fitting for players who want to chat with friends while playing the game. It can be recalled that this feature was not available on console because it is limited only to mobile.

Download now the app and Microsoft will soon be rolling out an update in the coming days.