What’s With the Ever Trending and Rising Apple Products?


What’s up with Apple devices?

What’s with the Apple products that people are dying to have? Since the beginning of the empire built by one of the most famous gadgets company in the world known as Apple, it produced a lot of noise in the industry of technology. Famous celebrities, important people in the society and even simple people have these gadgets and is always updated by the latest model.

1. Price

Well, first of all, they are expensive. Very expensive. That some people tend to sell their stuff just to buy the latest model of the iPhone or the MacBook. Having that said, the price must be equal to the quality of the product but the Apple Company didn’t failed us to give the best specs of each and every products they produce.

2. Specs

Second, the specs. Who would’ve thought that this company may start a trend? They started to make phones without external battery, sim card slot, very responsive touchscreen, wireless ear pods and face detector lock screen. And most of those specs that Apple started with, some companies dared to copy it. The iPhone or some called it the Intelligent Phone is a must-have in your gadgets’ list. Having this is like bringing your house in your pocket. Just a simple, “Hello Siri. Where can I buy mozzarella cheese?”, then the iPhone will point you to the direction, how many steps you need to reach the place or the kilometers you have to drive. It’s very helpful and compatible whenever, wherever.

3. Operating System

Lastly, the updated operating system. If you are on a tight budget or not yet ready to give up your newly bought, old model iPhone but are dying to have that newest update on the latest model, the Apple Company is there to the rescue. They’re the first cellphone company to let the consumers update their phone’s operating system with the help of the internet. Just download the latest iOS and install it on your iPhone then viola! You now have the latest emojis and settings available on your phone.

Although some people say that the Apple products are unfriendly because of its limited sharing connections to other devices but still, there are a lot of people wanted to have this so-called “The Future of Technology”. This empire built by the late Steve Jobs really made an impact in the humanity.