Is Note 9 Worth the Wait Or Should You Go For Note 8?

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Is Note 9 Worth the Wait or Not?

With Samsung launching new phones every year, it makes it hard for users to decide which phone to buy. One of the biggest phone launched last year was the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Now the questions is, is Note 9 worth the wait this year or should users just go with the Note 8?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was just released over three months ago but the Note 9 is rumored to be launched on February 2018. That is just a few weeks from now.

So, who should buy a Galaxy Note 8 and who should wait for the Galaxy Note 9? Well we can’t say for sure. But we have the information you can use to decide whether to get a phone now or to wait.

Reasons to wait for Note 9

Yes, we still aren’t aware of the exact specifications of Note 9. But for sure, it’s going to be better than Note 8. I mean, every new phone has its upgrade, right?

It looks a bit like the Note 8, with a 6.4-inch display. It also has a fingerprint scanner and a fuller “infinity display”.

Rumors about the fingerprint scanner under-display is also a reason to wait for the new phone to be released. (

Next is facial recognition. Although this is not yet confirmed by the company, it’s a possibility due to iPhone X’s face ID feature.

With so many new features added to other brands, Samsung will surely compete with them A big chance that the Note 9 will be completely different is at hand.