Survive The Apocalypse With This Gear


Apocalypse is not just about zombies trying to eat your brains and turn you into one. It can also be the hard times that we encounter in our daily lives. So the question is, how can we survive the apocalypse?

Must-have gear to survive the apocalypse

  • BioLite Camp Stove

It’s a portable, mini stove that you can take anywhere. Whether you’ll go on a camping or a road trip, this is a great gadget for you. Cook food anywhere you go. Of course, don’t forget your mini pans as well.

You can feed this with twigs, pinecones or wood pellets. All of these are found in nature or in forests. It can also recharge your mobile phones through its USB port.

  • Motoped Survival Bike

How can you survive without a survival bike, eh? This bug-out motorbike may be just what a city dweller needs to run for the hills, with its ability to weave through traffic around miles of cars with occupants also trying to escape.

Its oversized universal rack accepts bolt-ons to mount survival gear or harnesses of the rider’s choice, and with the addition of two optional fuel tanks, this baby can go for 250-300 miles before you’ll have to battle other looters of abandoned vehicles to get more gas.

  • Grayl Purifier Bottle

This portable water filter and purification system lets thirsty doomsday survivors drink water found anywhere. Fill up the bottle at a stream, press for 15 seconds, and proceed with hydration. The water will be clear of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, particulates, chemicals, and heavy metals. One filter is good for 300 uses. After that, if you haven’t stockpiled them, you’re on your own.