From gadgets, laptops, home theatres, and smart speakers, this year’s CES is really exciting. Storage devices are also part of this year’s major tech events, at least for Sandisk.

And speaking of storage devices, Sandisk has recently unveiled its latest single flash drive with more storage space.


Sandisk’s 1 TB USB-C touts as the world’s smallest flash drive?


The company publicly showed off its single 1 TB USB-C flash drive prototype. But this should not be mistaken as the world’s smallest flash drive with the most storage capacity.

Still, that title belongs to another company-Kingston for its DataTraveler Ultimate GT with 2 TB.

Obviously, Kingston 2 TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT is, by far, the world’s smallest single flash drive. But we do suggest Sandisk anyway because its prototype is slim, unlike Kingston’s chunky flash drive.

Also, what makes the company’s flash drive fantastic is that it uses USB-C port. This means that any tech user can use the flash drive directly as a storage device.

Some say this is a departure from the old USB 2.0 of which now, it uses USB 3.0, promising a faster transfer rate of files.

What we know so far is that the company’s flash drive is still a prototype. Hence, we don’t expect that the company would eventually announce the price or perhaps the release date.

But given the company’s 1TB USB-C SSD being sold for $350, it is not farfetched that the the company’s soon to be released flash drive wouldn’t be affordable when it would be sold publicly in the market.