High-Tech Umbrellas Were Tested by Gadget Man


Rainy days and Monday always gets me down ♫ What about you? How do you feel during rainy days? It’s really a bummer to be stuck in the rain and getting wet. But thanks to Gadget Man, high-tech umbrellas are here and up for grabs.

High-tech Umbrellas Within Ones Reach

  • Hands-free Telescopic Umbrella

Using this umbrella keeps the user very dry under it. No matter which angle or direction the rain is coming from, you will remain totally dry. This is actually pretty good during storms.

  • 2-in-1 Touch Umbrella

Made up of two umbrellas side by side, this is great for a pair of friends who are stuck under the rain. It is 117 cm in width and very ideal for two people. So go get your partner and stroll under the rain with this baby.

  • Morella Drink Holder

The name says it all. This techy umbrella has two cup holders in its handle. So you don’t have to worry about holding your umbrella in one hand and holding your drink in another.

  • Color Changing Umbrella

Whenever this baby gets wet, the raindrops design in it change color. Talk about the latest design trend in the city.

The kind of umbrella you choose depends on the usage that you need or want. Which one do you want?