Subnautica Console Command and Cheats


Here’s a guide to Subnautica Consoles Commands and Cheats

If we have new games, we are too excited to play it around and not to mention to level up fast. Haha! Actually, that’s totally me. I admit it. Check out these guides to get the best out of your Subnautica.

In the Subnautica Console Commands Guide, we have listed all the Console Commands that have been developed for Subnautica. Same as other RPG games, you may alter some game codes to make the game in favor for you.

You may use these Console Commands to travel fast to anywhere you like in the game. Or maybe to add an item in your inventory. Whatever console code is present for the game, they’ve added it to the Subnautica Console Commands Guide.

Subnautica has been there and can be accessed by anyone for a long period of time now.

It features a rich underwater world full of fascination and discovery.

Your character must adapt in the environment and survive the world underwater after surviving in a lone spaceship crash. Developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Subnautica is a stellar survival RPG set in the depths of vast oceans full of life.

How to enable Command Console

Before you can enter any Console Command, you first need to access the Command Console. To access it, you need to enable it from the game settings. Press ‘F3’ to open a Sub-Menu and then press ‘F8’ to free the mouse. This process will enable you to uncheck and check items on the menu.

Next is you have to uncheck ‘Disable Console’ and press ‘F8’ and ‘F3’ again to close the Menu. The Console Menu is now accessible by pressing the (~) key. Every time you start the game, you are required to follow these procedures to enable Command Console.

After enabling and have an access to Command Console, you may now use a variety of cheat codes.