Street Fighter 5 Season 3 Early Predictions Based on Patch Notes


Street Fighter 5 Season 3

Patch notes of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition were released earlier. Players of this game are totally excited in examining each and every bullet point. I mean, it’s not bad to try to predict what the new season is all about.

Getting the update and playing it first hand is not the same as just taking a peak. But having to know what we are about to deal with is a big advancement.

It’s important to know that these changes will be implemented or applied to Street Fighter 5 revamped environment.

If you’ve looked through the change log, “hurtbox/hitbox has been changed” can be seen. Still in the dark, we don’t know how every character is receiving box changes.

Once we know how this works, we’ll be able to analyze a whole lot more things.

Frame Traps for this release is likely less prominent.

One of the best policies on the game is to “take the throw”. That would remain true in the next season. Characters that could follow their throws with more throws can’t seem able to do so anymore.

Command grabs across the board now have eight to ten additional frames of recovery. This means that moves can be more improved.

These are just some of the predictions that we have for the new game. Let’s wait for its official release to be able to get a feel of it firsthand.