Sony is planning to imitate what Nintendo has been all along. Nintendo was able to produce millions of additional contents for some of its popular videogames. One indicator of this is the sale of NFC-enabled figures featuring popular characters.


Nintendo’s creative strategy has inspired the company to do the same. Sony is planning to combine additional contents but linking popular characters to its popular games.


Sony to release new range of PlayStation character


The news comes following the company’s move to introduce a new range of PlayStation characters. These characters are under the name Totaku (pronounced Toe-Tak-Oo). The company’s new figures would be undergoing licensing process.


If the company’s fans would buy the licensed figures, each Totaku figure costs $10. The production of the Totaku figures was handled by ThinkGeek. There are several names of Totaku figures floated this week.


This includes Parappa the Rapper, Sackboy, Crash Bandicoot, The Hunter from Bloodborne, Wipeout’s Feisar FX350, and Tekken 7’s Heihachi Mishima, among others. With this latest news, the company is looking forward to releasing the all the Totaku figures on March 23.


Also, Sony fans in the US could actually grab all the Totaku figures at Gameshop. Each figure is four-inches tall with a detailed or elaborative design.