New PC From Dell Will Display Incoming Phone Calls and SMS

new pc

There are so many new inventions nowadays in this age and time. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and even Artificial Intelligence. But Dell has a new treat for its users. The company is about to launch a new PC which will have a few great features.

Dell’s New PC with Great Features

How nice would it be that you’re doing your paperworks in your computer and your phone is far from you but you won’t have to worry about missing calls or messages?

Totally cool, right? Well, Dell is proud to announce that this great feature is added to their latest PC.

new pc

You will be able to respond to text messages and view incoming phone calls in your computer screen.

The company has created a new app called Mobile Connect. It lets you do just that and they plan to ship it to most PCs.

The app syncs calls and notifications and lets you respond from your PC. When it’s connected to an Android phone, you can navigate apps right from your computer.

Talk about saving time and energy switching from computer to phone.

Dell also managed to connect this app to Apple’s iPhones despite the company’s lock-down nature.

Many features are already made available to Windows users including the notification syncing through Cortana.