Risky Galaxy S9 Launch: Samsung is Running Out of Time

Risky Samsung Galaxy S9
MOBILEImage Source: OnLeaks/91mobiles

Launching of S9 Becomes Risky

Samsung had the chance to control the launching of their newest addition, the Samsung Galaxy S9. But words are spreading about the risky way of launching it because the company is running out of time.

Samsung Galaxy S9


All it needed to do was a short ‘tease’ of its upcoming flagship and control of the narrative would pass to the South Korean company. It could pass official comment, it could work with the media, and it could shape the public’s opinion of the device.

Gamble on a longer official run up to the availability, or play safe and follow the plan used in previous years? There’s good arguments for both options and right now Samsung looks to be playing it safe.

Full specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy S9 is already out.