Patch Update 8.2 For League of Legends Season 8 Released


Finally! The long wait for the reset of Ranked Games is already done. Ten games of Provisional are ready to be played. With the reset, we also have a new Patch Update.

Patch 8.2 has a lot of major changes especially when it comes to the Support Items.

Here is a list of the removed items:

  • Sightstone
  • Ruby Sightstone
  • Frost Queen’s Claim
  • Talisman of Ascension
  • Face of the Mountain

In order for you to use a ward, it’s either you use the free one of have it as a reward. Upon quest completion, the Nomad’s Medallion is going to upgrade into Nomad’s Eye which will hold up to three charges of wards. It’s like the substitute of Sightstone.

Frostfang, when upgraded can also hold up to three ward charges as well as Targon’s Brace.

There are also some changes and developments made with various Keystones like Resolve, Inspiration, Domination, and Precision.

An Arctic Ops Gragas Champion Skin is also up for grabs during this update.

Viewing of your allies’ selected skin is also one of the great changes in the update. You can plan for a Star Guardian Team with them!

Other changes are just minor which will not really have any big impact on the game.

Well Summoners, good luck in the Fields of Justice!