Nintendo Direct has presented a video this week. The video reveals the company’s big news and revelations for the Nintendo Switch fans. Earlier, the company posted what appeared to be a cryptic tweet, hinting the company was up for something.



The World Ends With You

So what’s with the Nintendo Direct presentation, the company said that The World Ends With You will be getting a re-release on Nintendo Switch. However, the company did not disclose the release date of the game. They assured the fans of the popular game that it would be available within this year.


Pokken Tournament DX DLC


Also, Nintendo Direct announced that new DLC characters are coming in Pokken Tournament DX. Players can now buy the game’s Deluxe Battle Pack DLC. The said DLC will have a content release in two waves. The first wave will be on January 31 which will bring new character Aegislash, Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. The company said that the second wave is slated on March 23 which will introduce Blastoise, Mew and Celebi.


Kirby Star Allies


Another popular game Kirby Star Allies is expected to debut on March 16. The company had announced the game’s released date back to E3. With the new game’s trailer, players should expect new abilities for Kirby. Both Artist and Spider have reportedly change Kirby’s moveset.

Dragon Quest Builders Demo


Meanwhile, players can also download now the demo of Minecraft-meets-DQ RPG. The game will be rolled for Nintendo Switch. The company said that the game would be available this month.


Mario Tennis Aces


Also, game developer Camelot will be rolling out a new Mario Tennis game. The game developer is the same team behind the Golden Sun which includes, among others, Mario sports titles. The game will be available by spring. The game will have a story mode Mario Tennis: Power Tour on GBA.