The biggest trade show of electronic devices, the CES 2018 was marred with a pouring rain on Wednesday. The heavy down pour caused some parking areas, and drop-off points to be flooded.

CES 2018: Power woes, traffic and rain


Apart from the pouring rain, the whole Las Vegas Convention Center was clothed in darkness after a major blackout hit both the Central and North Halls. Reports say that blackout stayed for 2 hours and this prompted the security officers to escort the people out from the venue.


The CES 2018 blackout trended immediately on Twitter. With guests and exhibitors exchanging their reactions about the CES 2018 power woes.


What is clear though was that the scenario was discomforting for them, especially those at the Central Hall where the popular tech companies assembled to display their products.


The power outage hit the Las Vegas Convention Center at about 11:15 a.m. The blackout caused all the rooms to be in total darkness. Despite the darkness, emergency lights stayed on while several backup batteries made the internet connections running.


CES organizers were able to restore the power at about 2:10 p.m. They restored first the power at South Hall where gaming companies congregate. While other areas took longer to restore the power.


According to CES organizers, the blackout was caused by a flashover due to a moisture brought upon by heavy rains since Tuesday. Both power and rain are not the only issue that CES confronted this year.


The CES 2018 also caused a massive traffic after car makers and other tech companies installed a virtual reality display to promote both investments and technology. Traffic literally was at snail-paced as thousands of CES attendees were coming in from various hotels and venues amid rains.