Fingerprint Scanner Onscreen Possible on the Next Samsung Phone?


Onscreen Fingerprint Scanner Possible?

Fingerprint scanner is one of the most sought feature in a mobile phone nowadays. People see it as an additional security for their beloved phones. I even bought a phone with this feature for the same reason.

Samsung — being one of the top brand (if not the best) when it comes to smartphones, are said to release a new phone. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to be the new addition to their smartphone collection.

With so many competitors at hand, there are whispers saying that the Galaxy S9 is going to have a new feature. It is said that an Onscreen Fingerprint Scanner might be added in the phone’s feature.

This addition is actually a great deal because you’ll have more space to have your print scanned.

Samsung, unfortunately, declined to comment on this rumor. But when you think about the different brand of phones, Samsung is the most likely candidate to have this great feature in its future smartphones.