Echo Show Which Supports Youtube Created by Google and Lenovo

echo show

Google Assistant is very rampant today. You can find it everywhere! In smartphones, tablets, TV’s, smartwatches and even inside a car. Now, Google is thinking of expanding it by introducing a new Smart Display platform designed for their partners to be able to create their own Echo Show-like devices.

Echo Show Supports YouTube

Lenovo is one of Google’s partners and is the first one to launch these new Google Smart Displays.

Google is already planning to remove YouTube which makes this very helpful.

Lenovo is planning to make two Google Smart Displays available by the summer of 2018. One is an 8-inch version and the other is a 10-inch model.

The platform is a simple version of the Google Assistant. It also responds to “Hey Google” and does the same assistant stuffs that you’re used to.