A new survey conducted by a Wall Street research firm Cowen revealed a troubling result for the Cupertino-based Apple. The research firm has reportedly conducted a survey asking some people of what kind of smartphone they would buy next.


Is loyalty to Apple’s iPhone declining?


The result? Based on the survey, existing iPhone users are contemplating to unlikely buy a new iPhone. Of which, Cowen described the result “was near the lowest levels since conducting our survey.”


Cowen’s survey result can be viewed as a damaging blow to Apple. With the number of iPhone users won’t buy a new iPhone is really a threat to Apple. And the company, once held the spotlight for so long, should take the result seriously.


It cannot be denied that of all the Apple products, iPhone pours in a lot of money for the company. iPhone, in short, is saleable of all Apple’s products. Through iPhone, Apple is making a lot of profit because of its innovative features and classy design.


So any possible threat to iPhone is by extension, a threat to Apple in general. But Cowen survey can be used to measure users’ loyalty to Apple. In its report published by Fierce Wireless, Cowen said that “iPhone appeal moderating across the industry.”

Cowen survey
When Cowen asked survey respondents what kind of cell phone they will purchase next, the results showed that loyalty for the iPhone is nearing its lowest levels since the firm started doing its quarterly surveys. (Cowen and Company)

“When asked ‘what kind of cell phone do you think you will get with your next upgrade/purchase,’ the percent of postpaid respondents at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon selecting iPhone moderated vs. last quarter while at the same time just 80.5% of postpaid respondents who already have an iPhone indicated they would get one with their next upgrade/purchase, which was near the lowest levels since conducting our survey and was down from 87.6% last quarter,” the firm wrote on its report.


Despite this, the Cowen survey also indicated that 80.5 percent of current iPhone owners are still planning to upgrade to a new iPhone. But this has remains to be seen after the company was dragged into the battery issue, the iPhone X’s Face ID issues, among others.