Instagram users beware.


The app has reportedly rolled out a Last Active feature-branded by many as creepy-because it informs your group of friends the exact time that you last used the photo-sharing app.


Photo-sharing app Instagram rolls out “Last Active” feature


Instagram called this as the “Last Active” feature that only shows the details as to when was the last time that you checked on the app. This feature is similar to WhatsApp’s “Last Seen” feature.


The company said that the new feature is only intended for its mobile app. Using the new feature, Instagram users can see the online status of the people they are communicating with on Direct Messages.

But what makes this feature interesting is that it also works to other users who are not following your account. Apart from this, Instagram is also rolling out features on a testing phase such as a security feature and text-only Stories.


“We’re always working on ways to make it easier to have fun, real-time conversations with friends on Instagram. We recently rolled out the ability to see when people you follow or message in Direct were last active on Instagram, and they can see when you were last active,” an Instagram spokesperson said in a statement, explaining the Last Active feature.



“Activity status only appears in the Direct inbox, and you can control the visibility of your activity status in Settings,” the spokesperson added.



The “Last Active” feature can be tweaked on the app’s Settings. A user should scroll down via the options which indicate the option that shows “Show Activity Status.” Instagram users can toggle on or off the option.