In what can be described as the ultimate game changer, Samsung is now taking home theatre to a higher level. Ahead of CES 2018, the company has recently launched a new TV called “The Wall” which boasts a massive 4K display resolution.


Samsung’s The Wall: Here’s what you need to know


The electronic giant’s new TV uses a new technology for the display called the MicroLED. The 146-inch 4K TV can be best described as a half the size of the standard screens in movie theatres. Not only this, but Samsung also unveiled another TV which is the Q9S 8K QLED which offers a crisp and clear visual resolution.


While it is interesting to know about Samsung’s product, during CES 2018, it did not, however, disclosed additional details about the price and availability of its 146-inch 4K TV. With Samsung’s new technology, we are expecting that the TV will be sold at a higher price.


Also, Samsung is also mum on the release date of its 85-inch Samsung Q9S 8K TV. What’s amazing with the company’s The Wall is its “self-emitting” technology. This technology is essential for home theatres as each pixel works by emitting its own light. And this can be assembled in huge sizes because of its modular design.


Not only that, Samsung’s 146-inch TV features a bezel-less design which allows users to fit the device in any home environment.


Meanwhile, LG has also unveiled on Monday its 4K laser projector called as the HU80KA. But this did not break Samsung’s popularity, according to tech users. While Samsung’s latest home theatre products are quite huge, the company’s The Wall is not actually a record breaker.


Why? Titan Screens, a British company, still holds the honor for creating a 370-inch screen TV worth $1.6 million.