At CES 2018, tech users are expecting a wide variety of products like speakers, digital assistants, TV, among others. It would appear now that the latest trend is smart speakers with digital assistants.


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Among the tech companies floating because of popularity are Amazon and Google. Aside from these two, Cupertino-based Apple Inc. is also planning to release a smart speaker this year. Details of which are still sketchy as of press time but CES 2018 would be a good venue to hear more details about it.


Also, software giant Microsoft and Samsung have teamed up on another. At CES 2018 which will kick-off at Las Vegas, several companies are expected to showcase their electronic products. The event is expected to draw more than 170, 000 people with more than 4, 000 exhibitors around the world.


But here’s the catch: both Apple and Google-as expected-won’t be making some announcements during the CES 2018 event. Why? Because their products would be powering the start-ups’ products and services.


This means that you should not expect any iPhone models or Samsung Galaxy models at CES. Normally, Apple and Samsung announced about their latest flagships at their events. What you should expect are storage devices, laptops, accessories, gaming consoles, among others.


For Google, its mobile operating system Android and Google’s digital assistant will be unveiled publicly. While Apple’s Homekit is getting a boost as the company will be launching its Apple’s HomePod smart speaker.


Moreover, other electronics companies such as LG, Samsung will also announce their TV products for this year. Consumers are expecting a higher-end, and upgraded TV models with the latest technology like OLED, HDR, and 4K.