Ultra HD 4K: “It’s Still Not Enough”, People Still Say


We live in an era of smartphones, high quality videos — in other words, an era of advanced technology. Now, Ultra HD 4K is the new “in” thing for movie enthusiast. With the exception of broadcast TV, 4K is basically mainstream today.

“Ultra HD 4K is great but we want more!”

Okay. So having HD videos is great but for movie enthusiasts, better resolution is a must. That’s why we have 4K resolution.

But alas! People still want more.

There are rumors of prototypes which support 8K and even a massive 10K!

4K is the normal limit for watching movies and videos but there are a few reasons as to why people need higher resolution for other gears.

  • VR

Nowadays, VR is indeed still “a thing”. It could be better and more people will be users if it becomes cheaper. Of course, having a higher resolution can also help with its market.

The nearer a screen is to your face, the higher the resolution it needs. This is due to the fact that it won’t seem like looking on a screen (which is the purpose of 3D and VR).

  • 360 Camera

Enough of those panorama and simple shots. Our world now has 360 camera. The pictures are 360 degrees which is an advanced feature when we talk about a camera.