Apple Might Risk Its Position of Trust: Will Apple’s Admission Hurt Its Reputation?


Apple has been known about its iPhones, iPads and Macs. But Apple might lose the trust of people because of a certain issue.

Apple Might Lose Customers’ Trust

It’s been years since Apple released their very first iPhone and they’ve been attracting customers over the past few years.

Every year, the company releases a new phone model. Additional features are always present every time they launch a new phone model.

They’ve been working hard to earn the trust of their users. But lately, there are some complaints about iPhones slowing down.

Her is Apple slyly doing things to people’s phones — even if it’s for the phone’s own good — and simply not telling them about it.

Apple consistently denied the accusation. But you can’t keep a secret for too long. This deed was eventually caught.

Of course, iPhone users were distraught about this revelation. The demands of creating new tech mean that it has to be this way.

Apple will no longer be the good guy, just the good-looking guy.

For many people, sadly, that’s enough.