Both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners have expressed disappointment on Tuesday after two gaming networks were down. The Nintendo Eshop online serves as well as the Sony PlayStation Network suffered outages.

News about Sony’s PlayStation Network and Nintendo’s Eshop online services surfaced early morning on Tuesday, December 26. Gamers criticized the outages of services because their plans of accessing games were interrupted. The holiday season is the ideal time for gamers to play games or redeem game vouchers.

Gamers find it hard to redeem game vouchers

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Sony has reportedly acknowledged the problem. Sony said that the company is “aware that some users are having issues in redeeming vouchers on PSN.” However, other reports claim that some PS4 players are experiencing a certain issue aside from redeeming game vouchers.

Other gamers reported that they have problems connecting to both the Sony’s PlayStation Network and Nintendo Eshop in general.

On the other hand Nintendo, in a separate Twitter post, on Tuesday said that it was already working on to solve the connection issues that gamers are experiencing.

“We apologize for any issues you may be experiencing with Nintendo eShop,” the company said. “We are working on it and hope to have this resolved soon.”

This is not the first time that PlayStation Network and Nintendo eShop experienced a service down time. Back in December 2014, both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network were reported to be hacked. Fortunately, this year, the grim scenario will not be repeated as the year is nearing its end.