Three New Photography Apps Are Launched By Google

New Photography Apps

Taking pictures is part of our daily routine nowadays — whether you admit it or not. Most people prefer selfies in order to have something to post in different social media sites. Now, Google is launching three new photography apps for both Android and iOS users.

With so many photography apps, people still look for better ones. Three new apps are coming our way and here is a sneak peek of their features.

Three New Photography Apps

  • Storyboard

Created for Android users only (sorry iOS peeps), this helps you transform your videos and images into comics. You can choose different layouts and designs. Customize all you want. Storyboard projects can be used for your business presentations or school projects, etc.

 Storyboard- screenshot thumbnail  Storyboard- screenshot thumbnail

  • Selfissimo

Have your very own personal photographer in your phone. Strike a pose and it will take your picture. Feel free to move for a different pose and when you stop moving, the app will automatically capture it. How cool can it get?

 Selfissimo!- screenshot

  • Scrubbies

Last but definitely not the least is an app made for iOS users. Scrubbies lets you make video loops. It lets you manipulate the speed and direction of a video playback.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, these apps are worth trying.