Avid fans of the popular game Tekken 7 will be receiving a new update patch. The patch will likely reduce the Tekken 7’s input lag. Gamers who are using the PlayStation 4 noticed an input lag while playing the game.


An online report claims that the Tekken 7’s patch will be launched on December 14. The announcement prompted avid fans to express excitement on the rumored game patch.


The news comes following the announcement Motohiro Okubo that Tekken 7 will have its upcoming input lag update. Okubo is the Tekken & Soul Calibur producer. Okubo reportedly mentioned that the patch will be rolled out for Tekken 7 during the TWT Finals.


Moreover, some game enthusiasts claim that Tekken 7 will have a low input lag from the start when another game, Soul Calibur 6 will be released. This is because the producer of Soul Calibur 6 is the same producer of Tekken 7.


In fact, both games are being developed by in-house two teams who treat each other as rivals. However, the producer of both games claims that there will be some “good and challenging elements that come from this,” in reference to the teams as rivals.



The game’s input lag was a result of the engine changes that was made on Unreal Engine 4. With this, avid fans of Tekken 7 estimates that an input lag is expected to reduce to about 5.72 frames.


But what we know so far is that Tekken 7 is the only present game that was publicly announced to have an input lag reduction. Other popular games like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Street Fighter 5 have also an input delay, however, less than the aforesaid game.