Game developer Capcom has recently announced a new game collection for its avid fans. The company is set to release 12 iconic game titles which will be rolled out in various game consoles.

The 12 iconic game titles were in celebration of Capcom’s game series when it held the Capcom Cup 2017. Fans can download and play these games on PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Capcom debuted the first Street Fighter game back in 1987. Capcom’s Street Fighter has appeared in various arcades across the globe. Gamers still play the game because of its popularity and iconic characters.

Moreover, Street Fighter is the first fighting game series of Capcom. To date, the game has over 60 characters, 80 titles, and 40 million units sold, according to the company’s statement.

Avid gamers of Capcom could play the popular game titles presented below:

• Street Fighter
• Street Fighter II
• Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
• Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
• Super Street Fighter II
• Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
• Street Fighter Alpha
• Street Fighter Alpha 2
• Street Fighter Alpha 3
• Street Fighter III
• Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
• Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Accordingly, the game titles feature a ranked and casual matches. This feature gives gamers an option to have four players who can join a lobby to play against the CPU. Aside from this, each game has its own global leaderboard, and an online play has “rewind” technology.

The rewind technology gives the players a low-latency matches. Other features of the game include a museum, an interactive timeline, character bios, music player, among others.

Gamers can expect that The Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection to be released sometimes in May 2018. The game collection is expected to be sold for $39.99. Capcom has yet to release more details in the coming months.