OnePlus 5T has earned its reputation to be a smartphone that has a wider screen display. The Android-powered device features a cinematic 18:9 screen. However, OnePlus 5T users won’t be able to enjoy watching movies using any popular streaming service.

But the company explains that it will dispatch an update as soon as possible. The update will fix the bug that hinders movie streaming service to play on the device. OnePlus 5T users claim that their smartphones cannot play Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in high definition( HD).

It is sad to note that the company did not give a hint when an update is coming. What is clear though is that a solution is at hand. According to tech analysts, OnePlus 5T devices lack Widevine rights management certification.

The Widevine Level 1 DRM allows the OnePlus 5T device to play HD movies. The problem has surfaced in a OnePlus public forum. The lack of HD streaming supports only complicates the situation. Currently, OnePlus 5T only supports the standard streams using Widevine Level 3.

This means that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video were safeguarded with digital rights management. Since OnePlus 5T is an Android device, Google requires that a phone must have Widevine Level 1 solution in order to play HD videos.

What is Widevine?

The Widevine is the widely used DRM solution when it comes to protecting digital content. It is available on 4 billion devices across the globe that include mobiles devices—Apple, Google, PCs, Blu-Ray players, and gaming consoles as well.

Widevine Technologies developed Widevine solution. Google acquired the company back in December 2010 for $160 million.

The Verge reported, on the other hand, said that OnePlus and ZTE might actually decide to skip the process of acquiring the Widevine L1 solution.