Android users can spend more time playing online games using their phones. Why? Because game developer Nintendo is rolling out two of its popular games.

Nintendo rolls out Super Mario and Legend of Zelda games in Android devices. Avid fans of the games expressed excitement as news has surfaced that both franchises are heading to Android-powered devices.

Moreover, the Japanese powerhouse Nintendo is also planning something different this time. While the news of both games is making noise on the internet, Nintendo is negotiating Nvidia about its console.


Nvidia gamepad

Also, Nintendo is planning to license Wii and GameCube to Nvidia. What is clear right now is that Wii and GameCube will not be coming to Android devices this time.

However, Android-enabled Nvidia Shield set-top box will be available in China. Mobile gamers can also download and play several Wii games. This includes the Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the New Super Mario Bros., as well as the Punch Out.

With this, avid fans of Super Mario in China can now play and download the popular game. Thanks to Nvidia Shield, mobile gamers can play the iconic game as part of the world’s gaming market.

Meanwhile, in China, gamers can buy the Nvidia Shield for US$226 or equivalent to 1, 499 yuan. Nvidia said that its device is compatible with Baidu’s DuerOS.

The device features a conversational artificial intelligence system and entertainment options. Gamers could expect more games will be introduced to China by 2018, according to Nvidia.

As an Android user, do you welcome the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda games in Android-powered devices?