Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X is undeniably the most popular phone today. iPhone X has gained popularity from mobile users because of its unique design and improved security features. Now this feature is being used by Rainbrow app for entertainment purposes.

The Cupertino-based mobile phone brags about its face-recognition feature. Such feature, however, drew mixed reactions from the public.

And because of iPhone X’s face-recognition feature, many game developers are taking advantage of the technology embedded in the Apple’s smartphone. In fact, a game developer has reportedly developed a game that uses the iPhone X’s face recognition feature.

This sounds interesting but using such the phone’s face-recognition using your eyebrow to play a game is both cool and fantastic. The game developer named the app as “Rainbow” which uses the iPhone X’s latest and power technology.

Meet Rainbrow app

According to a report, the Rainbow app is using the phone’s True Depth sensor and its ARKit or the augmented reality platform. The Rainbow app is often compared to Frogger where in a gamer has to dodge other emoji throughout the game’s journey while playing the game.

In Rainbrow app, a player has to move a smiley face across a rainbow. Hence the name of the app.

So how does the game being controlled?

If you happen to play the game, obviously, a gamer’s face is the one controlling the game. To navigate the game’s virtual world, a gamer must raise his or her eyebrows up to move forward. To move down, a gamer must frown his or her face. Meanwhile, if the gamer opts to be expressionless, it will keep them in the stationary position.

Rainbrow app is developed by Nathan Gitter. Apple users can download the game via Apple App Store for iOS devices.