New Domain Name: .Health is Now Available for Registration


What is a domain name? It’s an identification string which defines a realm of administrative control in the Internet. Domain names are used for specific naming and addressing purposes. Now, there is a new domain name which was released.

.Health: New Domain Name

The availability of the domain .health was announced by LLC early this month. It will be the home for health online. Trademark holders and verified members of he health industry are given the privilege to use the .health domain before general users or the public.

Industry leading brands already registered the domain name. Some of them namely Pfizer, Apple, United Healthcare and so much more.

Using the said domain name is already rampant for different companies for different purposes. It’s really not a shock to have health companies use this domain even though it was just released.

Registrants of .health domain are ensured the integrity of extension and deter misuse.

Domains are monitored by both Neustar and LegitScript to protect against content that is unsafe, illegal, or puts internet users’ health and safety at risk.