Nintendo’s popular hybrid gaming console, the Switch has reached a milestone today. The company has sold 10 million units of Switch hybrid console globally. Switch’s sales success is remarkable because the console was sold within the first nine months since it was release.

The success of Nintendo’s Switch can be attributed to the assistance extended by Black Friday promotions. The success of the company’s Switch robust sales was, in fact, unexpected because Nintendo has been experiencing problems in its supply chain.

How much did Nintendo earn from selling Switch?

Crucial to Nintendo’s Switch sale is the global fans who bought the company’s hybrid console. Nintendo’s Switch has an expensive price tag of $300. This means the company’s robust sales of Switch translates to more than $3 billion regarding company revenue.

Just this March, Switch has been sold to more than 7.63 gamers worldwide since its release date until the end of September this year. One of the reasons why gamers love the Nintendo Switch is because of console’s dual-use system.

Unknown to many, Switch features a dual system that allows gamers to connect the hybrid console to a TV and at the same time acts as a mobile device. The Switch feature has remarkably earned a positive review from gamers.

What is Switch’s dual-system feature?

For Reggie Fils-Aime, president and COO of Nintendo of America, told Variety that the Switch’s dual system is “a powerful idea for a gamer to never have to leave their game experience behind.”

“That’s been a cornerstone of our strong performance to date,” she added.

Meanwhile, with Switch’s remarkable sales, is it Nintendo’s best selling console? The answer is certainly in negative. Why? Because in 2006, Nintendo launched the gaming console Nintendo Wii and more than 100 million units were sold, surpassing Switch’s sales this year.

This means that Nintendo Wii is the company’s best selling console to date. However, the Nintendo official has expressed confidence that Switch will be able to reach its success this year. She also hinted at the possibility that Switch may surpass Wii’s first-year sales during yuletide holidays.