New GM App: Craving For Coffee? Order Starbucks While You Drive

New GM App

Cars nowadays have these cup holders installed which is good. We won’t be holding our coffee cup for the rest of the travel. But recently, a new GM App was released in the market.

New GM App

General Motors Co. just released a new app called GM Marketplace. This is in in-car application which lets you buy donuts and coffee from various shops. It is partnered with Starbucks Corp., Dunkin’ Donuts Inc., among others.

From the name Marketplace, it allows drivers to browse different items and products. You can also book hotel rooms while staying in your car.

But is it really a good thing for drivers?

App is Unsafe According to Safety Group

While being able to order food or book hotel rooms in the car is a good thing, a safety group disagrees. They say that having an in-car shopping app is dangerous for drivers.

If this is the reason why people want WiFi installed in their cars, then the number of road accidents will surely skyrocket. We can’t just ignore the road accidents due to liquor so why even add this to the culprit?

Some drivers might be so engrossed in ordering that they might lose focus with their driving.

It is nice to have people invent some products which will make our lives and routines easier. But safety is important as well.