Microsoft Windows user have something to be thankful this month. A new Windows PC product line that offers longer battery life is at hand. The tech giant has formally unveiled a new PC for Windows 10.

Nowadays, tech savvy users want to work in PC that can stay longer. This means that battery life is a major issue for PC. But you should worry no more because Microsoft has partnered with Qualcomm.

AnandTech reported that Qualcomm’s technology helped Microsoft to unveil its first ARM-powered Windows 10. Many PC users have actually expressed approval of the Qualcomm’s ARM technology.

With this new technological tandem, Microsoft users are expecting a more personal experience using the device. This is not the first time that Microsoft has used ARM version of Windows 10.

Previously, PC users were able to see a Windows 10 running on ARM using Adobe Photoshop application. Microsoft has reportedly developed an emulator that can actually run on traditional X86 apps.

On the other hand, the company claims the “look and feel” of having ARM-powered device is normal like other laptops. ARM-powered devices will ensure the full running capacity of Windows 10. In addition, the ARM chip offers superb performance, offering the best Windows experience.

Not only that, the latest Windows 10 PC promises longer battery life. Microsoft claims that battery life can reach 30 days on standby mode and 22 hours when in use. This is something that is impressive and can break the expectation of users.

Of course, battery life is something that users really care about the new processor in any laptop. Aside from Microsoft, other brands to have ARM-based laptops are ASUS and HP. Both tech companies have also worked with Microsoft to roll out the first Windows 10.

ASUS and HP claim that their laptops will have over 20 hours battery life which is similar to Microsoft.