Convert Your Smartphone into a Printer in Just a Snap

Convert your smartphone

You’re traveling and you captured some perfect pictures for your portfolio. But you’re far from the city and there are no shops to print your pictures. Fear not! Prynt Pocket helps you convert your smartphone into a printer in just a snap.

Prynt Pocket

Convert your smartphone into a printer

Hello smartphone users! Now, you can print your way to stardom! Hahaha, just kidding. You can now print your pictures directly from your phone!

Prynt Pocket is a portable gadget which you can attach to your phone. You can then print photos anytime and anywhere.

What to expect from Prynt Pocket

It may be small but it can do wonders.

First, it has unlimited paper for only $35 every two months. So you have the freedom to print as many pictures as you want without thinking that you’ll ran out of paper soon. If you’re short on budget, you can buy 40 rolls of paper for only $19.99.

You have the option to print from your camera roll or from different social media sites. The Prynt app also allows you to add a video inside your printed photo. It’s like bringing your pictures to life.

You can capture Prynt Photos without it being connected to the Pocket. Share your scan on different social media sites as well. You may also discover other users’ scan.

Oh, and did I mention that the photos are ink-free? And they’re stickers, too!

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