Three days left and we will be welcoming in 2018! I’m so excited, what about you? We will be starting off a new year so how fun would it be to have new gadgets as well, right?

Excitement that the New Year Might Bring

Here are a few “predictions” of what’s coming up on the year 2018. Hopefully, these will all be launched.

Virtual reality was supposed to take over the world by storm. But the outcome was not expected. I mean, strapping on a headset to look at games and stuff is kind of a downside.

People prefer to use their all-day gadget: their smartphone.

For next year, we hope to have smartphones with better AR features. The more realistic a game is, the better.

Next is robots. Yes, it might be possible to find robots in hotels and cruises. They won’t abolish mankind — yet.

Some companies developed robots to do minor tasks like delivering a burrito a couple of streets away or to help in hospitals and hotels.

Then we have the Smart Lock. It lets delivery people deliver your goods even though you’re not at home. Talk about automatic.

Smart Speakers have been a “thing” this year and it is expected that they will be developed next year. It won’t be too much of a surprise to know that almost all gadgets can be voice-activated.

Oh well, no matter what new gears companies have in store for us, let’s just enjoy the New Year and have fun!