Google’s native web browser will be receiving a major update for Chrome 64. The update will support downloads and allows you to block autoplaying videos. When you are browsing the internet, ad banners, pop-ups as well as auto-playing videos are part of the online world.

However, ad banners and web pop-ups became a problem for web users. Google said that these objects had caused inconveniences to users.

Now, the good news is that Google, in the beta version of Chrome 64 for desktop, has introduced a feature that will remedy the problem.

Chrome 64 updates wants to put an end to user’s “abusive experience.”

The Alphabet-owned company has integrated an improved pop-out blocker in Chrome browser version 64. The improved pop-up blocker is expected to make some changes in the user’s browsing experience. For one, the feature in Chrome 64 aims to prevent what Google describes as “abusive experience.”

While the Chrome browser version 64’s ad and auto-playing blocking feature is a welcome development, its effectiveness remains to be seen, according to tech users. Users can navigate several other features of Chrome 64. Chrome users can actually disable and enable both Javasscript and Flash plug-in support.


Other features

Users can also find and select an option from the menu settings to mute all the videos on a particular website. To achieve this, a user is tasked to do the blocking of the varied web materials on a per website basis.


The Chrome browser version 64 update also includes HDR Support for videos created in HDR mode on Windows 10 and the Split view for multi-tasking features.