Horror Movies That May Haunt You This Christmas — Or Not


Halloween is over and we are already celebrating Christmas Season. Gift-giving, table full of food, loved ones — but is that all that we can do? Why not give ourselves a dose of horror?

Monsters, mayhem, gore and psychotic Santas are perfect for scary movie fans like me. Here are some “Santa” flicks that will give you the chills — well, not really:

Horror “Santa”

  • Jack Frost (1996)

This is a tale of a killer snowman. The film is one of those which have the least convincing effects. A character got killed by a carrot (like seriously?)

  • A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

Okay. So this isn’t just one story. Viewers will be treated to a bunch of ’em in this film. The stories were directed by different people so inconsistency is expected from this movie. There’s a story which revolves around a teenage trio who discover a nasty surprise in an unsolved high school murder scene.

  • Better Watch Out

Just released last 2016, this is the most recent movie in our list. The movie is about an teenage baby sitter and the boy that she’s looking after. During Christmas, they dealt with shotgun-carrying intruders.