Gamers have something to cheer about the Metal Gear Survive single-player campaign. The game’s publisher Konami has produced a five-minute-long video so that avid fans can see the single-player campaign gameplay.

Although Konami’s popular game has yet to be released, Metal Gear Survive already triggered excitement from among its avid fans. Metal Gear Survive is expected to be released on February 20 across the U.S. While gamers in Europe can expect the game’s arrival on February 22 by 2018.

A player named Tim has played the Metal Gear Survive’s multiplayer component. He tried to play the game during the 2017’s E3 event. While he enjoyed playing the game because he is a self-confessed Metal Gear Solid 5 fan, he explains his experience playing the game’s single player campaign.

What’s with the game?

Citing a PCGamer report, Tim claims that Survive comes immediately following the game’s Ground Zeroes. One of the game’s protagonists which he describes as a soldier can be found on Mother Base. He learned that the protagonist soldier could be pulled into a warmhole.

He added that the soldier would spat out into an alternate world through a “mysterious organization” for six months. On this scenario, players will encounter the Metal Gear Survive’s Wanderer zombie-like characters.

Also, Tim claims that players will get to experience the game’s survival mechanics in the game’s alternate reality. Players are tasked to hunt animals, gather materials, and craft defences, among others. Regarding cooking, players can formulate and cook using their own recipes.

However, the recipes can only be obtained as rewards in Metal Gear Survive’s multiplayer games. They can only achieve such rewards if players can cook “powerful items and weapons.” Apart from this, players can also use the game’s firearms which are powerful. The game’s protagonists show kicking around in the cloud of poisonous mist.


Meanwhile, players can get a beta version of the game between January 18 to 21 but only for PS4 and Xbox One players.