Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — our world is dominated by social media sites. It is proven that these sites help people to communicate freely and easily. But is that all there is? Like people say, too much good is bad. Let’s talk about a Facebook problem which is becoming more and more common nowadays.

From Facebook to Enemybook

A Facebook problem is surfacing in the internet

With millions of Facebook users, it’s hard to monitor each and every one of them. The site has a limit of 5,000 friends per account. Is it really possible to have that many friends?

People are making new enemies everyday through these social media sites. How? By cyberbullying.

Since a person has the freedom to post anything they want, along with the choice of making their posts public — the problem starts.

A public posts means that everyone can see it. Including strangers. They can leave offensive comments if your post is against their beliefs.

Another problem is posers. Since registration for Facebook is free, anyone can make a Facebook account. They can grab pictures from legit users and use it as their own. Posers usually use these dummy or fake accounts to bully someone, do illegal activities or to scam people.

We have a choice to be manipulated or not. But let’s face it. There are people who are still vulnerable to these kind of hideous schemes.

Let’s just hope that Mark Zuckerberg can do something about this. Additional security for safety of its users.