AI Helps Spot Diseased Crops Faster: Wave of the Future


Artificial Intelligence or AI

Artificial Intelligence or also known as AI is oftentimes related to computers and technology. But there is a new use for it. It can actually help farmers to locate diseased crops faster.

Knowing if a crop is healthy shouldn’t be just relied to the farmer’s eyes.

A manager at an agriculture company had a year-long test of a variety of new technologies. His team provides crop protection services.

During the test, they discovered that artificial intelligence can identify crop problems weeks before the naked eye would realize. Troubles like water shortages and fungus growth in different crops were identified.

Photos are taken from planes flying from several thousand feet above the fields. They are then AI analyzed. The farmers are provided with maps which highlight the trouble spots in the farm.

When the team visited those spots, they couldn’t detect any issue with their own eyes.

After a few weeks without doing anything, the analysis by artificial intelligence was proved to be correct. Disease and other problems were indeed there.

So far, this AI for crops are still limited for soybean and corn crops. But surely, as the years go by, artificial intelligence will be all over the world.